Nowadays, you can find $5 hosting a dime-a-dozen. It seems like a great deal… until it isn’t.

If you are hosting with a cheap hosting company, then you already know the headaches. A server goes down, or you run out of bandwidth, or you run out of disk space, or you want to change a setting or file, or… and the list goes on. All of these things are possible, but very time-consuming. You either have to know these things yourself, or you have to put up with incompetent tech support staff for hours while they resolve your issue (for a fee of course).

In addition, your resources will often be severely limited, making certain things nearly impossible to achieve. Making backups can be nearly impossible. Not to mention, during high traffic times, the most expensive hosting packages are often given bandwidth priority, meaning websites with cheap hosting are difficult to access. And that is BAD for business.

We know all these things because we have personally experienced them. But your story can be different.

When you call us up, you won’t have to wait for 45 minutes, only to be transferred again and again. Your time is valuable, and we won’t waste it. When a problem arises, we will personally see to it that it gets resolved as soon as possible. And we assign resources dynamically based on the needs of your site. No more errors or blocked access.

However, customer service and convenience don’t have to make a large dent in your wallet. Our prices are competitively priced so that even blogs and small businesses can easily afford us.

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