The Best Event Calendar Plugin For WordPress

What is the best event calendar plugin for organizing events in WordPress?

This is perhaps the most important aspect of certain event-related websites, such as sites for bands and authors on book tours, and even for smaller service-related businesses that schedule their services online. Using an event calendar plugin can save you loads of time, and also create a more user friendly experience.

We believe we have found one of the best event calendar plugin for WordPress, and it is called (drum roll please)… “The Events Calendar“! Yes, that is truly the name, so it should be quite easy to remember. It was developed by Modern Tribe (you can find them at, my favorite domain so far), and they offer both a free and premium version for their plugin. The free version has a lot of functionality, but if you would like to add recurring events or further customize your event calendar, the premium version has you covered. The link above goes directly to their page on the WordPress directory, from which you can directly download the plugin. I also recorded a tutorial on how to use it.

What do you think about The Events Calendar? Do you have another plugin you think is better? Let us know in the comments.

Grey Thumbnails in Media Library – Solved!

Today while I was working on Christian Concealed Carry, I ran into an error uploading images in WordPress and grey thumbnails in Media Library. Apparently I wasn’t the first to discover this irritating bug.

Symptom: Image uploads appear to fail resulting in grey thumbnails in Media Library

The issue began with WordPress appearing to fail uploading images. I selected the images, chose Upload and the upload progress bar would “progress” fully, but then simply stall. This resulted in an error message displayed for each image I attempted to upload. Then, the image would show up in Media Library but as a generic grey thumbnail icon.

Media Library upload error message

Media Library upload error message

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Adobe Creative Suite for iPhone

Throw out your keyboard and HD LCD monitor! Industry experts claimed the keyboard and desktop computer would be dead within a few years. But in a daring move, Adobe has announced it’s bypassing the tablet and desktop market to exclusively offer the Adobe Creative Suite on iPhones and mobile devices. Continue reading